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The Saint Joseph Cathedral Web Committee was formed to guide the development of digital communications on behalf of the church. The Web Committee is charged with designing, managing and securing the Cathedral web-site to allow parishioners and visitors access to the many features associated with our church.  We have spent additional time developing a responsive look at our web-site so that you can use your mobile device with the site.

The Web-Committee is always looking for any volunteers who have testimonials, photographs, videos or events to share that we can review and share with our community. You can contact the web-committee by using the contact form below.

We also appreciate your feedback! If you have something to share with us, you can find a feedback form at “Website Feedback”. All feedback will be considered and responded to. Thank you for your thoughts!

You can also contact Chris Daly, SJC.com Webmaster, at chris@tbgmarketing.net.

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