“In the Body of Christ there exists a wonderful variety of ministries, which are especially evident when we gather around the altar to worship God. By virtue of our baptism in Christ, some of us are called to serve as ministers of the liturgical assembly: altar servers assist the priest and deacon, sacristans prepare and maintain that which is necessary for divine worship, musicians help to raise our spirits in joyful praise, ministers of hospitality provide welcome and dignified order to the celebration and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion assist in offering the Body and Blood of Christ to the faithful and to the sick. Many members of a parish are involved in one or several of these wonderful ministries, responding to the baptismal call to love others as Jesus has loved us.”

– The Book of Blessings

Minister to Your Parish Community

Members of the Cathedral Community take part in the celebration of the Sacred Liturgy as lectors, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, hospitality ministers and servers. Ministers carry out their role with the style and grace befitting our majestic Cathedral, the Mother Church of the diocese. Our Liturgical Ministry trainers qualify new ministers soon after they express interest in joining the Cathedral’s Liturgical Ministry so that they can begin their ministries and be added to the current schedule as quickly as possible. Additionally, group refresher sessions, conducted by the Cathedral’s Deacons, are held annually.

If you would like to experience the blessing that results from being a participant in the Cathedral’s beautiful Masses and other various Liturgies as a Liturgical Minister, contact Michael Elton  at 614-405-7770.

If you would like to participate in the Liturgical Ministry at St. Joseph Cathedral, you may download the form below and email the completed document to Michael Elton at melton@columbus.rr.com or you may complete the on-line form.  Ready to Start?  Click: Apply for Liturgical Ministry.