Saint Joseph Cathedral | Mass Times

Cathedral Mass Schedule

Weekend Liturgies

5:15 PM

8:00 AM

10:30 AM

12:30 PM

5:15 PM

Daily Masses

7:30 AM

12:05 PM

7:30 AM

12:05 PM

5:15 PM

Holy Days of Obligation

5:15 PM

7:30 AM

12:05 PM

5:15 PM

Sacrament of Reconciliation

Tuesdays 10:45 AM – 11:45 AM

Saturdays 4 P.M. – 5 P.M.

Holy Hour & Sacrament of Reconciliation

Holy Hour & Confessions
Wednesdays 5:45 P.M. – 6:45 P.M.

Thursdays 10:45 A.M. – 11:45 A.M.

Sacrament of Penance

Penance is a sacrament of the New Law instituted by Christ in which forgiveness of sins committed after baptism is granted through the priest’s absolution to those who with true sorrow confess their sins and promise to satisfy for the same. It is called a “sacrament” not simply a function or ceremony, because it is an outward sign instituted by Christ to impart grace to the soul. As an outward sign it comprises the actions of the penitent in presenting himself to the priest and accusing himself of his sins, and the actions of the priest in pronouncing absolution and imposing satisfaction. This whole procedure is usually called, from one of its parts, “confession”, and it is said to take place in the “tribunal of penance”, because it is a judicial process in which the penitent is at once the accuser, the person accused, and the witness, while the priest pronounces judgment and sentence. The grace conferred is deliverance from the guilt of sin and, in the case of mortal sin, from its eternal punishment; hence also reconciliation with God, justification. Finally, the confession is made not in the secrecy of the penitent’s heart nor to a layman as friend and advocate, nor to a representative of human authority, but to a duly ordained priest with requisite jurisdiction and with the “power of the keys” to forgive sins which Christ granted to His Church.

Offering of Penance

  • Tuesday – 10:45 AM – 11:45 AM
  • Saturday – 4:00 – 5:00 PM

Holy Hour with Confessions

  • Wednesday – 5:45 PM – 6:45 PM
  • Thursday – 10:45 AM – 11:45AM

Attending Mass While Traveling

One of the great joys of our faith is to be able to share it with people all across the country. Take advantage of your travels and experience all of the wonderful parishes, cathedrals and churches spread across this great and blessed country. Use  The Catholic Directory to find places of worship wherever your travels take you, and may God keep you until we meet again at St. Joseph Cathedral.

Attending Mass at St. Joseph Cathedral

We look forward to seeing you at Mass or at other activities at the Cathedral. Here is some useful information to keep in mind when visiting St. Joseph:

  • There is a handicap accessible elevator located at the first door on the west side of the Cathedral.
  • GLUTEN-FREE HOSTS are available at the 10:30 AM and 5:15 PM Sunday Masses for communicants who are gluten intolerant. Worshippers wishing to receive gluten-free Holy Communion are to receive in the center aisle from the Master of Ceremonies or the Celebrant. When you approach him, identify yourself as a gluten-intolerant communicant. Please see a Hospitality Minister in advance if you have any questions.
  • Parents are welcome to use the Reconciliation Chapel located in the rear of the Cathedral as a quieting and changing room for children during the liturgy.  There is a diaper changing table for use behind the wooden screen.  The Chapel is located in the back of the Cathedral (southwest corner) near the elevator.
  • Restrooms are located in the Undercroft.  Take the elevator to the lowest level, then proceed to the right.
  • Envelopes for your church support are available for use on the tables in the back of the Cathedral.  If envelopes for donations are not available in the back of the church, please ask a hospitality minister for one.
  • Our hospitality is extended to the hungry and homeless who seek help at the Cathedral.  If you wish to assist us in this work through the ministry of the St. Vincent de Paul Society, a poor box in the wall of the back of the church will receive your donations.