Core Values are the guiding principles requiring no external justification. They have intrinsic value and importance to those inside by which they operate and discern. They are distinctive and the cultural cornerstones of shared work.

There are five principle characteristics that differentiate a Cathedral: Liturgy, Arts, Music, Education and Social Justice. At Saint Joseph Cathedral, we hold the following core values:

Liturgy: We regard Saint Joseph Cathedral as the heart of divine worship, and the mother and model of liturgical life for all other parishes in the Diocese of Columbus as inspired and led by the Bishop and St. Joseph’s Rector.

Arts: We revere the majestic art and architecture of Saint Joseph Cathedral, all of its intrinsic beauty, its divine grace surrounding God’s holy people, its inspiration on worship and the cultural influence it has upon the very fabric of Columbus and the entire Diocese.

Music: We regard sacred music as the Church’s treasure of inestimable value and strive to follow the church’s mandate to cultivate excellence and beauty through Gregorian chant, sacred polyphony and the use of pipe organ to engender the full, active and conscious participation of the faithful in the liturgy.

Education: We impart our catechism of faith to those embracing Catholicism with prayer and service and to all Saint Joseph Cathedral parishioners of all ages through RCIA, Parish School of Religion, and scholarship support for our children attending Diocesan parochial schools, and other adult faith formation opportunities.

Social Justice/Concerns: As a Cathedral community, we commit to fulfilling our baptismal call to love and serve one another through the Holy Spirit and to recognize that we are made in the image and likeness of God and as such, we will work for social justice on behalf of all from conception to natural death.