Saint Joseph Cathedral Music

Saint Joseph Cathedral is blessed with the bounty of music.  Our cathedral chamber orchestra is often accompanied by an organist proclaiming the faith through our Fritts organ and resonating through the building.  Not to be outdone, the cathedral choir raises their voices to a pitch that is unmatched and rises as one voice toward heaven.

The experience of Cathedral Music is today driven by our cathedral music director, Dr. Richard K. Fitzgerald and he is accompanied by Nicole Simental, Principal Organist and Ms. Dorothy Riley, Organist Emeritus.  The Cathedral Choir is comprised of approximately 30 vocalists and several members comprise the Cathedral Schola to interpret the music of various composers for the benefit of the cathedral.

While the Cathedral Orchestra and Music are a big part of the liturgical mission of Saint Joseph Cathedral, the organization is also charged with spreading the gospel through music to our surrounding community and across the country.  The success of the Saint Joseph Cathedral Music Program spans the United States where the choir has been asked to perform in multiple cathedrals across Ohio and for many events hosted by the Bishop and the Diocese of Columbus.  The choir has been recognized by the Columbus Dispatch and Sacred Music Magazine as one of the best choirs in the country.

The Cathedral Music concert series dates and times can be found on the Saint Joseph Cathedral Calendar and Events as well as on the Cathedral Music sits  Come to Saint Joseph Cathedral and experience the glory and majesty of our Cathedral Music.

The Saint Joseph Cathedral Director of Music and Organist, Dr. Richard K. Fitzgerald.