ON PENTECOST SUNDAY the Holy Spirit worked a miracle in each of the apostles, and through them, in the whole Church. As the apostles were huddled together around Mary in the Upper Room 50 days after Jesus rose from the dead, suddenly from heaven there was the sound like the rush of a driving wind that filled the entire upper room. The Holy Spirit came down upon them as tongues of fire — tongues because they were to speak, fire because they were to speak with the passion of burning love. And they responded. Jesus had promised that the Holy Spirit he would send would teach them all things, lead them to all truth, remind them of everything he had taught them, and prove the world wrong about sin, holiness and judgment. Then, helped in this way by the Holy Spirit, they began to fulfill this mission. The Acts of the Apostles had begun. The Church was born. Folks, the Church is still alive and the Acts of the Apostles continues down to our own day. God wants to write new chapters, with each of us playing an important role. The wind is still blowing. The fire of the Holy Spirit still burns. Each of us, however, needs to let the Holy Spirit in to do His work. Each of us has to allow the Holy Spirit to bring about a similar miracle in us. We know what our mission is — to give witness to the whole world that Jesus is the Savior, that He is the truth worth living for and worth dying for. Proclaiming the Gospel today is surely not easy; so many reject Christ and His teachings and the Church He founded. But when we look back to what the first disciples encountered — when first the Jewish leaders and eventually the Roman authorities were trying to kill them for proclaiming the Gospel, and when the culture was even more imbued by practices contrary to the Gospel than it is now — we find great reason for hope. For if the Holy Spirit could work such wonders with those coarse fishermen and tax collectors, then surely he can do similarly great things through us if we allow Him. With the help of the Holy Spirit, we, too, can turn from cowards to heroes, from apostates to apostles, from sinners to saints. The key is allowing the Holy Spirit to act in us and through us! May we be aflame with the same Spirit poured out upon the Apostles on Pentecost.


GOOD-BYE AND THANK YOU KELLY DOMAN, our Director of Music at Holy Cross, whom I got to know as Pastor of Saint Catharine of Siena Parish where she and her family are members. Kelly’s husband landed a job in Pittsburgh and they are moving there to begin a new chapter in their lives; this is her last weekend with us.  From all of us we thank Kelly for her tremendous work at Holy Cross, and pray that she and her family enjoy a wonderful new life!