My dear brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ:

Every disciple of our Lord Jesus eagerly awaits His return in glory at His second coming, when our Lord will bring all things to their fulfillment and gather His faithful into the Kingdom of heaven. While we await that great day, there is work with which the Lords entrusts us here on earth. For this reason, we have made our motto for this year’s Bishop’s Annual Appeal, “Until He Comes Again, This Is Our Work.”

For servants of the Lord there is much to do. The Gospel needs to be proclaimed, the saving sacraments administered, the poor and needy attended to, the sick healed, the grieving consoled, the young educated, families nourished, and vocations encouraged.

As members of the Body of Christ, we are first a people of worship, remembering the saving gifts of God, rejoicing in Christ’s presence, and offering God thanksgiving. From our worship, we then become a people of action, for in a profound sense, we are the eyes and ears and hands of Christ to continue His work. Acknowledging with gratitude the many gifts the Lord has given us, we are moved to share them with others. Touched by the gracious hand of God, we extend our hands and voices to others in Christian love and companionship.

Your generous contribution to the Bishop’s Annual Appeal allows the Church in the Diocese of Columbus to fulfill this sacred and necessary work. Your financial support funds the many ministries and services of our Diocese to aid the poor and needy, to assist parents in educating their children in our schools and religious education programs, to prepare seminarians for priestly service, to encourage vocations to the consecrated life, to nourish Christian marriage and family life, and to protect and enhance human life at every stage.

As I have continued to travel around the parishes in the twenty-three counties of our Diocese, I have encountered your wonderful faithfulness, Christian hospitality, and commitment to the life and mission of the Church. Throughout the ten years in which I have been your bishop, your generosity has allowed the Bishop’s Annual Appeal to exceed its goal every year. For this generosity I am deeply grateful. Your contribution witnesses to a good and faithful stewardship of everything that our Lord has provided for us and demonstrates a desire to assure that all others share in this outpouring of God’s love.

Thank you for your generosity and support. May the good Lord continue to sustain you and bless you, your families and all who are dear to you.

~Most Rev. Frederick F. Campbell, Bishop of Columbus