Examination of Conscience for Adults Based on the Ten Commandments

“O God, be merciful to me, a sinner.” (Luke 18:13)


If possible, prepare yourself for confession with regularity, not allowing too much time to pass. Always go to confession when you are in state of mortal sin. Prepare your confession in a climate of prayer, responding to these questions under the gaze of God, seeing Him as the one you can go to for help to progress more quickly along the path of the Lord.


  1. “I am the Lord your God. You shall not have strange gods before Me.” (Exodus 20:2,3) “You shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind” (Matthew 22:37).
  • Do I love God like this? With my whole heart, soul and mind?
  • Do I give him the first place in my life?
  • Do I listen with faith to the Word of God and His Son, Jesus Christ?
  • Do I persevere in prayer?
  • Do I doubt or deny that God exists?
  • Do I refuse to believe what God as revealed to us?
  • Do I believe in fortune telling, horoscopes, dreams, the occult, good-luck charms, tarot cards, palmistry, Ouija boards, séances, reincarnation?
  • Did I deny that I was Catholic because I was embarrassed about my faith?
  • Do I give time to God each day in prayer?
  • Did I despair of or presume on God’s mercy?
  • Did I have false gods in my life that I give greater attention to than God, like money, profession,  drugs and/or alcohol, TV, internet, social media, fame, pleasure, property, etc.?
  1. “You shall not take the name of the Lord, your God, in vain.” (Exodus 20:7)
  • Did I blaspheme or insult God?
  • Do I take God’s name carelessly or uselessly?
  • Do I curse, or have I broken an oath or vow?
  • Do I get angry with God? Do I respect the holy name of God?
  • Do I abuse him in my references to him, offending him, using of him, instead of serving him?
  • Do I bless God in each one of my actions?
  • Do I surrender myself without reserve to his will for me, trusting entirely in him?
  • Do I entrust myself with humility and confidence to the guidance and teaching of the pastors which the Lord has given to his Church?
  • Do I make an effort to go deeper in and strengthen my life of faith?
  1. “Remember to keep holy the Sabbath Day.” (Exodus 20:8)
  • Did I miss Mass Sunday or a Holy Day of Obligation through my own fault?
  • Do I come to Mass on time? Leave early?
  • Do I perform work on Sunday that is not necessary?
  • Do I set aside Sunday as a day of rest and a family day?
  • Do I show reverence in the presence of Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament?
  • Do I make Sunday the center of my week, beginning with the most important moment, the celebration of the Eucharist?
  • Do I use it, and the other days consecrated to the Lord, to praise and give thanks to God, to entrust myself to him and take rest in him?
  • Do I participate faithfully and actively in the liturgy, preparing myself beforehand with prayer and making the effort to obtain its fruits during the entire week?
  1. “Honor your father and your mother.” (Exodus 20:12)
  • Did I disobey or disrespect my parents or legitimate superiors?
  • Did I fail to love and respect those who have given me life?
  • Did I make every effort to understand and help them, above all in their weaknesses and limits, in their time of need?
  • Did I neglect my duties to my husband, wife, children or parents?
  • Did I neglect to give good religious example to my family?
  • Did I fail to actively take an interest in the religious education and formation of my children?
  • Did I fail to educate myself on the true teachings of the Church?
  • Did I give scandal by what I said or did, especially to the young?
  • Have I caused anyone to doubt the faith or leave the faith?
  • Do I cause tension and fights in my family?
  • Do I care for my aged and infirmed relatives?
  • Do I give a full day’s work for a full day’s pay?
  • Do I give a fair wage to my employees?
  1. “Thou shalt not kill.” (Exodus 20:13)
  • Did I kill or physically injure anyone?
  • Did I have an abortion, or advise someone else or support someone in having an abortion?
  • Did I use or cause my spouse to use birth control?
  • Did I attempt suicide?
  • Did I take part in or approve of “mercy killing” (euthanasia)?
  • Did I get angry, impatient, envious, unkind, proud, revengeful, jealous, hateful toward another?
  • Did I give bad example by drug abuse, drinking alcohol to excess, fighting, quarreling?
  • Have I abused my children?
  • Do I make the effort to respect and promote life in all of its stages and aspects?
  • Do I do everything in my power to promote the good of the others?
  • Have I done evil to someone with the explicit intention of doing it?

6 and 9. “You shall not commit adultery.” (Exodus 20:14) “You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife.” (Exodus 20:17)

  • Did I willfully entertain impure thoughts or desires?
  • Did I use impure or suggestive words? Tell impure stories? Listen to them?
  • Did I deliberately look at impure TV, videos, plays, pictures or movies, internet, etc.?
  • Did I commit impure acts by myself – self-gratification?
  • Did I commit impure acts with another – fornication (premarital sex, sex outside of marriage)  or adultery (sex with a married person)?
  • Do I practice artificial birth control (by pills, devices, etc.)?
  • Did I avoid the occasions of impurity?
  • Given my state in life, have I been chaste in my thoughts and actions?
  • Have I engaged in sexual activity with persons of the same sex?
  • Did I respect all members of the opposite sex, or have I thought of other people as objects?
  • Did I or my spouse have sterilization done?
  • Did I abuse my marriage rights?

7 and 10. “You shall not steal.” (Exodus 20:15) “You shall not covet your neighbor’s goods.” (Exodus 20:17).

  • Did I steal, cheat, help or encourage others to steal or keep stolen goods?
  • Have I made restitution for stolen goods?
  • Did I fulfill my contracts; give or accept bribes; pay my bills; rashly gamble or speculate; deprive my family of the necessities of life?
  • Did I waste time at work, school or at home?
  • Did I envy other people’s relationships or possessions?
  • Do I make material possessions the purpose of my life?
  • Do I respect the goods of creation?
  • Am I honest in my work and in my relations with my neighbor?
  1. “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.” (Exodus 20:16)
  • Have I lied? Is lying a habit for me?
  • Did I deliberately deceive others, or injure others by lies?
  • Did I commit perjury?
  • Do I gossip or reveal others’ faults or sins?
  • Have I failed to keep secret what should be confidential?
  • Am I sincere and loyal in each word and action?
  • Do I always speak the truth?
  • Do I mislead others?
  • Do I try to give confidence and act in a way that inspires confidence in the others?


  • Did I fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday?
  • Did I eat meat on the Fridays of Lent or Ash Wednesday?
  • Did I receive Holy Communion in a state of mortal sin?
  • Did I make a bad confession?
  • Did I fail to contribute financially to support of the Church according to my means?


  • (1) Counseling or advising another to sin;
  • (2) Commanding another to sin;
  • (3) Provoking another to sin;
  • (4) Consenting to another’s sin;
  • (5) Showing another how to sin;
  • (6) Praising another’s sin;
  • (7) Concealing, remaining silent about, doing nothing to prevent another’s sin;
  • (8) Taking part in, or enjoying the results of another’s sin;
  • (9) Defending another’s sin.