~ In, Around and Near the Diocese of Columbus ~

Columbus Theology On Tap – Thursday, December 11th at the El Vaquero Restaurant, 3230 Olentangy River Road. Are faith and science enemies?  When we become a Catholic Christian are we supposed to “check our brain at the door?”  Can a person who has strong faith be a scientist, or scientific?  Fr. Thomas Blau, O.P. [a Dominican priest with degree in Microbiology] will look at some of the latest findings from science and see if they negate a belief in the Divine Creator to whom Christians attribute the origins of the Universe. “Theology on Tap is an invitation for young adults to learn more about their faith and to share in the Catholic community.”

BETHESDA HEALING MINISTRY: Will I always feel this way? Will I always ask myself the “what if’s” and “if onlys?” Bring these questions with you to Bethesda Healing ministry where it is safe to talk about the pain in your hear and find comfort in the sharing. Or sit in quiet as others witness the healing and hope you so desire. Confidential lines: 614-309-0157 or 614-309-2651. For more information visit our web site: www.bethesdahealing.org.

The Basilica and National Shrine of Our Lady of Consolation welcomes you. The basilica is open for prayer at any time of day or night.  Come and experience the consolation of our Blessed Mother’s intercession.


Monthly Healing Masses: During these Masses, special prayers are offered for God’s healing to be upon those assembled.  The Blessed Sacrament is exposed at the altar as those present are invited to come forward for the laying on of hands and prayers for healing by the Priest.  For those who are significantly ill or chronically ill in body, mind or spirit, the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick is also available.     Following is the schedule of Healing Masses, which begin at 7:00 p.m. (except where noted otherwise): Friday, December 19. In year 2015: Friday, January 2; Friday, February 6;     Friday, March 6 (7:30 pm); Friday, April 10; Friday, May 8; Friday, June 5; Friday, July 10; Friday, August 21; Friday, September 11; Friday, October 16; Friday, November 20; Friday, December 4.


Basilica and National Shrine of Our Lady of Consolation

Conventual Franciscan Friars

315 Clay Street + Carey, Ohio 43316
(419) 396-7107


 PLEASE KEEP THESE PARISHIONERS IN YOUR PRAYERS: Jack Beckman, Jennifer Bogdziewicz, Charles & Nancy Brant, Ana Buk, Christopher Clark, Jodi Elgin, Ann Marie Elkins, Max Flores, Don Fortner, Mary Gall, Robert Hackett, Ruth Harper, Bernie Hause, Gloria Jefferson, Col. Paul Johnston (Ret.), Pam Jurgens, Susan Luck, Fr. Mike Lumpe, Richard Masek, Ellen McMillen, Mary McNellis, Maria Paras, Linda Pauley, Marilyn Scott, David Simmons, Patty Stover, Sandra Valencia, Elizabeth Wanamaker, and Bill, Dora Zweydorff.


DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE CATHEDRAL AND HOLY CROSS ALMS FOR THE POOR BOXES? At the Cathedral it is located in the wall inside the Cathedral near the Broad Street entrance; at Holy Cross it is located in the rear of the Church by the Fifth Street entrance. These boxes and the funds you provide are important:

  • At the Cathedral these Alms for the Poor go to pay for the food that is distributed daily at the Cathedral to the poor and needy – up to 150 food bags (usually containing a sandwich, fruit, chips & cookie, bottled water), and on many winter days hot coffee and hot cocoa. Help us provide this most basic necessity – food – to those in need by donating to our poor box.
  • At Holy Cross these Alms for the Poor go to help needy persons with bus passes, in addition to helping the poor and needy with particular needs.

THANK YOU for helping us help those in need!