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An important note from Fr. Stash Dailey,  Administrator of Holy Family Parish

Over the past few weeks our Soup Kitchen and Food Pantry have been hit very hard with an increase in the number of guests coming for food and help. The dining hall is already cramped and tight as well as VERY HOT, so you can imagine how difficult everything becomes when the number of guests increases.

As a result of the reorganization and relocation of some of the local shelters we expect this number to only rise.

This past week and the week previous we have come very close to not having enough food for everyone on more than just one occasion. In addition to the need for more food we have also been confronted with the need to replace a commercial-grade garbage disposal, almost $800.00, as well as purchase a warmer for food waiting to be served at a cost of nearly $1,500.00.

Please keep in mind our Soup Kitchen when speaking with friends and neighbors as often times this is one of our greatest ways of receiving food from large catering events or donations from civic groups. Anything and everything is of great help. Please call Holy Family Soup Kitchen for more information about donating food, 614-461-9444 or visit our website for more information, www.hfsk.org, please keep in mind that since we are a volunteer driven apostolate we are not always able to pick up food.

Please join me in praying that we may have these needs addressed soon, may God reward you for your prayers!

 – Fr. Stash Dailey

Fr. Stash Dailey
Administrator, Holy Family Parish
584 West Broad Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215
(614) 221-4323