A poem by storiesuntold

It is said we reap what we sow,
this in life all must know.
The seeds we scatter about us each day,
either gives to one’s soul or takes away.

Goodness in one’s heart,
then goodness doth grow.
It shines upon ones face,
in a heavenly glow.

When you push and shove,
killing the seeds so given.
Then life becomes an obstacle,
a life felt not worth livin’.

So what have you sown along the way?
Are your fields of friends there for you every day?
Do you shine through your growth or wilted and drawn!
It is by your own doing if something is wrong.

To sow the seed of life tell me were you of age?
Or did you ignore your parents and run the other way?
Now you in giving up your youth do you blame all but yourself ,
for to sow without knowledge you lose your wealth .

The wealth of peace and love you so left behind,
The wealth of family and friends for you refused to be kind.
We reap what we sow so tell me will you change,
for love can’t be received until its given away.