A poem on the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Author anonymous

Imagine a Heart
that is so close to you
that every cell in yours feels as if
it is touching this Heart,
being bathed in its Light and Love.

Imagine that this Heart is alive,
beating, loving, and that every beat
you feel completely,
as it if were your own,
moving in you.

Imagine that there is nothing more tender
than this Heart,
that every movement, every touch is of complete,
pure Love, completely overwhelmingly
tender Love and compassion,
and sweetest joy
beyond explanation.

Imagine that this Heart desires your love,
your tenderness, your touch.

Imagine that this Heart longs
to be cradled in your love,
to be held close,
to be cherished above all else.

Imagine that above all else
you desire to hold this Heart close,
to surrender all you are,
to the very core of your being,
to this Heart, this Love, this touch of the Divine.

Imagine that this is what this most Sacred Heart desires as well,
deeply, completely, and that you touch deeply
to the deepest core of your being;
everything you are centers in this most Sacred Heart,
and you are one, in Love more precious that life.

Imagine that He breathes into your soul
to hold Him this close forever.
Imagine that you have just breathed into His Heart
that you desire to hold Him this close forever,
to never be separated for a moment.

Imagine the mutual longing and desire
for love fulfilled, in deepest,
surrendering union of Love.
Imagine the Love of our God
for the smallest human heart.