After An Abortion

Although post-abortion trauma is largely ignored by society, we as a Christian community recognize that abortion wounds the body, soul and spirit.


Anxiety, Stress, Withdrawal, Isolation, Self-hatred, Inability to forgive self, Fear of punishment from God, Guilt, Depression, Sorrow, Grief, Regret, Despair, Shame, Unworthiness, Self-condemnation, Anniversary reaction (related to due dates or date of abortion), Aversion to children and/or pregnant women, An inability to trust and form lasting relationships.


Post Abortion Syndrome (PAS) is recognized by those serving women (and men) wounded by abortion through evidence of self-reported and observed symptoms of emotional and behavior instability. Though all women are affected emotionally and spiritually and often relationally by an abortion, most repress the feelings of grief, anger, shame and guilt for months or years. It would appear that the longer a woman represses or suppresses these emotions, the greater the possibility of personality, mood and relational changes. Depression, anxiety, anger and alienation often color a woman’s self-image following an abortion.

The symptoms described in Post Abortion Syndrome are indicators of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Many medical and mental health professionals fail to recognize the painful aftermath of abortion in women who seek help. Many women experience exacerbation of depression or anxiety at anniversary months of either the abortion procedure or the proposed birth date of the child who was aborted.

If you or someone you know is seeking relief from the symptoms of PAS, there is a possibility you are suffering from Post Abortion Syndrome (PAS).  We invite you to contact us.

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