St. Joseph Cathedral Pastoral Council Mission Statement

To act as an advisory body to the Rector and to provide counsel and support in the management of the affairs of the Cathedral.

 Purpose and Function


A.     To discern and to articulate the Cathedral’s parish mission

B.     To report to the parishioners information from the Rector, the Pastoral Council and other community organizations

C.    To promote collaboration, cooperation, trust and understanding among the Cathedral community

D.    To participate in pastoral planning with the Rector

E.     To plan and implement ongoing programs in order to address the needs and concerns of the Cathedral community

F.     To encourage its members to be involved in parish activities and civic life

G.    To foster the development of leadership

H.    To further Christianity by encouraging parishioners to fulfill their vocation of service to others through fellowship and education.


 Pastoral Council Meetings

The Pastoral Council meets in the Undercroft of the Cathedral at 7:00 PM on the last Tuesday of each month, year-round. All are welcome to attend the meetings. If you are interested in attending as an observer or, as a parishioner, you would like to address the Council, please notify the Rectory secretary in advance at (614) 224-1295 or

 Pastoral Council Upcoming Meeting Agenda

To be published later

 Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes

2012-09-25 Meeting Minutes

2012-08-28 Meeting Minutes

2012-07-10 Meeting Minutes

2012-04-24 Meeting Minutes

2012-03-27 Meeting Minutes

Pastoral Council meeting minutes from November 2011 through February 2012 are not available online.

2011-10-25 Meeting Minutes

2011-09-27 Meeting Minutes

2011-08-30 Meeting Minutes

2011-07-26 Meeting Minutes

2011-05-17 Meeting Minutes

2011-03-29 Meeting Minutes

2011-02-22 Meeting Minutes

2011-01-25 Meeting Minutes

2010 Meeting Minutes

 Pastoral Council Members

The Pastoral Council is comprised of the Cathedral Rector, the Parish Deacons, representatives of each active organization and committee of the parish, Members-at-large and Rector-appointed members.

Pastoral Council Roster and Member Photographs

 Pastoral Council New Member Application

New applications are being accepted via nomination from the Parish community.

Pastoral Council Membership Application