Letter from Father Kitsmiller


Saint Joseph Cathedral 212 East Broad Street • Columbus, Ohio 43215-3767
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Saturday, July 11, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

This past week, Governor DeWine mandated that everyone attending religious services in Ohios hardest-hit COVID counties, Franklin County included, must wear a face mask.  This applies to everyone who is over the age of 10. The exception to this rule is the person defined as the officiant” or priest, and those who have a function in the service, such as singing or reading.  The deacon would not wear a mask while performing his duties in the sanctuary.  Those who have a speaking role in the Mass, like a lector or cantor, do not have to wear a mask when performing their role.  I am asking that all servers wear a mask when they process in with the priest and serve at the altar.  When you come to Holy Communion, you may lower your mask or remove it to receive the Blessed Sacrament.  I know some people, especially those with glasses, find masks annoying and cumbersome, but I ask everyone to try your very best to be patient.  With God’s grace, all is possible.  We will endeavor to keep Mass to 45 minutes in order to limit the time everyone will have to wear masks.  I thank you for your patience and consideration of others.  Let us pray for each other, an end to the pandemic, and for those working for a cure.

Fr. Kitsmiller