Tour Guide Volunteers Needed

There are few positions available for any Parishioner interested in volunteering with the Cathedral.

  1. Become our Tour Guide Coordinator  


  • Corresponding with those seeking a Tour of the Cathedral
  • Scheduling the Tours
  • Coordinating with all departments so the tour and needs are met  Scheduling a Tour Guide
  • If you would like you can also be a Tour Guide             
  1. Become a Tour Guide  


  • Arriving ahead of the group so you can turn on lights in the Cathedral and Undercroft and unlock doors.  When tour is complete turn off lights and lock doors.
  • Giving guided tours of the Cathedral, Undercroft, and Crypt area. 
  • Providing information and answering questions 
  • Enabling people to get to know and enjoy the Cathedral


Join the Cathedral Volunteers - They are a Great group of people.

If interested email