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Parish History

The Beginnings of the Parish

written by Rev. Mr. James Gorski


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The Cathedral interior still laid in an unfinished state. In May of 1878 a contract was awarded to John D. Clarke and Charles Nagel to erect scaffolding and finish the plastering of the interior of the Cathedral. The groined ceiling was erected under the direction and supervision of Rev. M.M Meara. Seeing the near completion of this grand Cathedral, Bishop Rosecrans decided to have a very special consecration performed on October 20, 1878. All the clergy of the diocese were asked to assist at the sacred ceremonies and a large number of the hierarchy of the United States had accepted invitations to be present during the celebration.

It was a cool, bright and comfortable day with the ceremonies beginning at 5 o'clock in the morning and took nearly 4 hours to complete.

Celebrants of the Consecration

Consecrator Right Rev. Joseph Dwenger of Fort Wayne Ind.
Assistant Priest Rev. J. B. Schmitt, Lancaster
First Deacon Rev. G.H. Ahrens
Second Deacon Rev. H. B. Dues
Sub deacon Rev. M.M. A. Hartnedy
Chanters Rev. J. B. Eis

Rev. P. Kenmert

Rev. F. Moitrier

Rev. P. Thurheimer

Master of Ceremonies Very Rev. N. A Gallagher
Asst. Master of Ceremonies Mr. L. W. Mulhane

Table 5 (Archives of St. Joseph Cathedral)

Celebrants of the 11 o'clock
Pontifical High Mass

Celebrant Right Rev. Silas Chatard, Bishop of Vincennes, Indiana
Assistant Priest Rev. J. Donahoe
First Deacon of Honor Rev. F. X. Specht
Second Deacon of Honor Rev. J. Jessing
Officiating Deacon Rev. F. J. Campbell
Officiating Sub deacon Rev. D.B. Cull

Note: The vestment worn by Rt. Rev. Bishop Chatard was made by Miss Mary Joyce of Columbus while she was attending school at Ursuline Convent, Brown county. It was presented to Bishop Rosecrans and reserved for this special occasion. A very lavish and decorative piece it was. 11
Table 6 (Archives of St. Joseph Cathedral)

The Most Reverend Archbishop Purcell, of Cincinnati, occupied the throne at the Gospel side , while Right Reverend Bishop Rosecrans sat on another throne erected at the Epistle side of the Cathedral. Right Rev. Bishops Gilmore, of Cleveland, Toebbe of Covington, Dwenger of Fort Wayne, Kain of Wheeling and Spaulding of Peoria assisted in the sanctuary. Seated within the sanctuary railing were about fifty priests. The musical portions of the Mass were rendered by a choir of fifty voices selected from all the choirs of the city with a few volunteer professionals under the direction of Professor J. J. Nothnagel.12  An afternoon procession was held at 3 o'clock consisting of 37 societies from Cincinnati, Springfield, Straitsville, Shawnee, Zanesville, Lancaster, Circleville, Newark, Dayton , Marion and Columbus. 10 of the best brass bands in the state participated in the procession. The procession was a mile and a half in length and was 22 minutes in passing. Between 2000 and 2500 individuals were in the procession that day.13

Bishop Rosecrans died the day after the consecration of the Cathedral. His tomb lies directly below the Cathedral’s main altar in the lower level.

Societies in the procession
for the Consecration of
St. Joseph Cathedral
October 21, 1878

Columbus Police - Sgt. Benningholf and 20 Policemen
Grand Marshal - P. A. Egan
Aides - Captain Wm. Riches
P. Bresnahn
Michael Burns
J. E. Lee
D. McAllister
Jacob Ims, Sr.
Charles Korn
Wm. Kinterschitt
Frederick Weber
John Schmitt
Garrison Band
Knights of the Red Cross on horseback
Great Western Band, Cincinnati
Knights of St. Martin, Cincinnati.
Knights of Lyola, Cincinnati
Knights of St. Patrick, Cincinnati
Lytle Greys Drum Corps.
Knights of St. James, Cincinnati
Continental Band, Springfield
Ancient Order of Hibernians, Springfield
Ancient Order of Hibernians, Straitsville
Ancient Order of Hibernians, Shawnee
Ancient Order of Hibernians, Zanesville
Ancient Order of Hibernians, Columbus
St. Patrick’s Pelican Band, Zanesville
St. Patrick’s Benevolent Society, Zanesville
St. Thomas Benevolent Society, Lancaster
St. Joseph’s Benevolent Society, Lancaster
St.. Joseph’s Benevolent Society, Circleville
Grandville Band
St. Patrick’s Benevolent Society, Newark
St. Aloysius Society, Newark
St. Vincent D’Paul’s Society, Dayton
Ancient Order of Hibernians, Dayton
St. Joseph’s M.B. Society, Columbus
St. Aloysius(Boys) St. Patrick’s Columbus
Seventh Regiment Band, Springfield
Knights of St. Patrick, Springfield.
Father Matthew T.A &B Society, Springfield
St. John’s T.A.&B.Society, Dayton
St. Patrick’s T.A.&B. Society, Marion
St. Patrick’s T.A.&B. Society, Columbus
Holy Name Society(100 members) Columbus
Forth Regiment or Millers’s Band, Dayton
Knights of St. George, Dayton
Knights of St. George, Newark
Knights of St. George, Lancaster
Hemmersbach’s Band
St. Aloysius(Young Men’s)Society, Columbus
St. Martin’s Benevolent Society, Columbus
St. John’s Benefit Society, Columbus
Columbus Cadet Band
St. Francis Xavier Benevolent Society, Columbus
St. Paul’s Young Men’s Benevolent Society, of St. Mary’s, Columbus
Police Commission in Carriages
City Council in Carriages
Citizens in Carriages

Table 7 (Columbus Evening Dispatch 10/21/1878)14

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